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Chi sao is vital to the practice of Ving Tsun Kung Fu.  Chi sao teaches correct placement of the elbows, proper application of technique, and development of the famous Ving Tsun sensitivity.  Chi sao is not sparring, although many beginners and poorly trained practitioners often treat it as such.   Chi sao teaches the Ving Tsun student how to feel his opponent's energy, thereby exploiting weaknesses in his opponent's position.  Weaknesses develop when the elbows are not in the centreline, the elbows are not one fist away from the body, and the fuk sao exerts excessive force on the tan sao, to name a few.  These errors are usually made by beginners. 

Advanced practitioners are constantly fighting for the centreline, and trying to create openings in their opponent's position.  There have been many attempts at describing the energy used in chi sao.  For example, some describe it as water pressing against a dam, the moment a hole appears in the dam the water rushes through, annihilating everything in its path.  This is about as close as you can get to describing it in words.  You cannot understand chi sao without actually doing it.  Essentially, in chi sao the hands do the talking.

This site is still under construction.  Soon I will have many pictures of various chi sao techniques for your viewing pleasure.  For now, here are a few pictures of my Sifu, Sunny Tang, demonstrating the finer points of chi sao with my Sihing, Rommelle Espiritu.  Enjoy.


Chi Sao

Fig. 1 Starting Position.

Chi Sau

Fig. 2 Left elbow strike traps both arms.

Fig. 3 Right punch while still controlling arms with left arm.

Fig. 4 Right hand takes control of arms while left hand strikes.


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